How much will a professional spray booth cost?

By: Bradley Hext

How much will a professional spray booth cost?

If you work with industrial paints and sprays, then you’ll already understand the benefits of working with a spray booth. Not only can a spray booth make for a cleaner and more expert paint finish, but it can also improve air quality and make conditions safer for professional finishers. Booths can vary greatly in expense, starting from around £2,000 and going right the way up to £100,000 (and beyond) for the largest and most complex machines.

Which professions use a spray booth?

The most obvious industry that comes to mind when it comes to spray booth usage is the automotive industry. The sheer volume of vehicles that are painted, as well as the size of the vehicle parts themselves, mean that automotive companies can comply with safety regulations whilst improving the speed and accuracy of the paint job when using a booth. But, the list for the professions that will benefit from a spray booths goes much further than this. Joiners, engineers and aerospace professionals are all likely to use a spray booth when working with high volumes of goods.

Do I need a spray booth in my workshop?

Spray booths are a legal requirement for many industries and professions. COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) legislates that employers must limit employees’ exposure to hazardous substances. There’ a workplace exposure limit of 20 micrograms per cubic metre in the UK but it’s advisable to keep this figure as low as possible. In short, if you’re consistently using spray paints and would benefit from a dust-free environment and a longer-lasting finish (that makes for a safer working environment and protects your workshop), a spray booth could be for you.

How much does it cost to install a spray booth?

Installing a spray booth doesn’t come cheap. Once your spray booth is in place, you’ll have numerous benefits for years to come but the initial outlay can still be prohibitively expensive for some. Not only will there be installation but also transportation and assembly fees and these should be accounted for when contemplating buying a new or replacement spray booth.

At Elmbridge, we include the price of delivery (to one UK address) in the cost of our spray booths to make things a little simpler however when it comes to installation, our costs will differ depending on the size and complexity of the spray booth in question.

How long will a spray booth last?

With proper installation and regular maintenance, a spray booth can last up to 40 years. By changing filters when you should, carrying out regular maintenance checks and ensuring you clean it thoroughly and effectively, your spray booth can provide value for years to come.  Check out our blog if you’d like more info on maintaining your spray booth.

Which spray booth should I choose?

The spray booth you choose to work will vary depending on the size, frequency and complexity of the jobs you’re undertaking. At Elmbridge, we offer a variety of spray booths including dry and water wash units that start from as little as £2,100 for a smaller Bench Dry Filter Booth and go up to £17,000+ for a stainless steel, 6000mm Water Wash Spray Booth.

If you’d like more advice or to get a full quote for a spray booth plus installation, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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