Where should I position my Spraybooth?

What are we talking about?

In this article we’re covering a common question we get asked and that is “where should I put my Spray booth?”. With most customers that purchase spray booths from us it’s a reasonable investment for them, so getting it right is critical for improvements to their process, and ROI.

One thing to clear up before we go much further is that everyone’s facilities and requirements are different, so this article is really to show things we would recommend and to consider when thinking of investing in a spray booth. Also these studies are done on a standard dry filter spray booth.

So, what is the ideal location?

In an ideal situation the spray booth should be located against the far wall directly opposite the opening into the room, this will allow the booth to extract at the highest possible level. Please see the illustration below.

What’s the problems with other locations?

A couple of other locations that come up frequently are the middle of a room or the side wall of the room. The issue with having the booth in the centre of a room, or away from the back wall, is it will cause turbulence. This will result in the air not being drawn centrally through the extract chambers and air will then go either side of the booth drawing overspray with it.

Secondly on the side wall, this again will cause turbulence. The booth will extract most efficiently closest to where the air is entering the room but will be a lot less effective at the far end resulting in overspray landing on the floor or missing the booth. There are illustrations of both these locations below.

To Conclude?

We hope this insight has been helpful to you and as already mentioned this is just a brief overview of a common question that comes up when looking at spray extraction. We have representatives that cover the whole of the UK so we would recommend getting a site visit in order to discuss your requirements and make sure you get the best advice before investing.

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