3M 967A Cubitron II Flap Discs

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  • Improves cut rates
  • Can be used on all types of metals
  • Grinding and finishing in one step

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Manufacturer:3M Abrasives
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3M 967A Cubitron II Flap Discs
3M 967A Cubitron II Flap Discs have a 22mm centre hole and can be used for improving cut rates and a flexible flap construction which enables grinding and blending in a single step. Flap discs are three-dimensional grinding discs with overlapping layers of abrasive-coated, fibre-reinforced flaps that fan out from a central hub. Used under regular conditions these flaps will generate a finish that is one grade finer than the finish of a fibre disc of the same grade. The overlapping construction allows more abrasive material to be loaded onto the cutting surface meaning they far outlast typical discs.
3M 967A Cubitron II Flap Discs are a useful time and cost-saving solution as they perform two tasks in one, grinding and finishing in a single step, this means they can replace bonded wheels and fibre discs.

Advantages of  3M 967A Cubitron II Flap Discs
3M 967A Cubitron II Flap Discs feature precision-shaped grain which generates an exceptionally high cut rate with less pressure, this grain forms into triangular points that slice through metal rather than gouging or ploughing like traditional abrasives. As these points continuously self-sharpen as they fracture you get an extremely fast cut allowing operators to finish tough tasks including weld, grinding, rust removal, edge grinding, blending and deburring with less fatigue.
3M 967A Cubitron II Flap Discs have a uniquely designed heavy Y-weight poly-cotton backing which enables controlled, even wear with no premature dulling or glazing and allows the operator to achieve more output per disc.

Where to use 3M 967A Cubitron II Flap Discs
Delivering superior cut rates in low to medium-high-pressure applications, 3M 967A Cubitron II Flap Discs are ideal for flat surfaces or outside edgework and especially where final finish and gouge resistance are important.
The heat-activated grinding aid on these discs makes them an outstanding product for all types of metals as this keeps the disc cooler on stainless steel and heat-sensitive metals such as nickel alloys or titanium. This also reduces the chances of metal discolouration and oxidation as well as the chance of heat-related stress cracks.