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3M Dirt Trap Protection Material

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  • Reduces labour and costs
  • Specially engineered surface protection material
  • Non-woven construction traps airborne contaminants

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3M Dirt Trap Protection Material
3M Dirt Trap Protection Material is a white non-woven covering material that is specially created to protect paint booth walls and floors and brighten the work areas. It gives better visibility for technicians and a more pleasant shop look for collision repair customers and also helps to capture unwanted airborne particles to give you a cleaner repair.

Features of 3M Dirt Trap Protection Material
3M Dirt Trap Protection Material is a specially engineered surface protection material that protects collision repair shop walls and floors and reduces labour and costs related to dust and paint removal. The non-woven construction traps airborne contaminants, helping to control dust and overspray and protects other work areas such as table tops, paint scales, paint mixing rooms walls and floors. 3M Dirt Trap Protection Material applies quickly and removes easily.

Additional information

Additional information

ApplicationsBooth Masking, Facility Surface Protection for Paint Preparation, Overspray Protection, Paint Booth Maintenance, Surface Protection
MaterialNon-Woven Fabric
Overall Length (Metric)91.44 m
Sub ApplicationsBooth Protection, Painting