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Adler Betoneffekt – Concrete Effect Coating – 3 Litre

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  • Easy to work with
  • Natural concrete finish
  • Pigmented primer coat

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Adler Betoneffekt
Adler Betoneffekt is a water based, pigmented primer coat on dispersion basis with fine quartz content for a natural concrete finish. It has excellent adhesion, low stress and is easy to work with.

Who is Adler Betoneffekt for?
Adler Betoneffekt is a special primer for achieving a concrete effect for furnishings and interior design. It can be used for painting surfaces subject to normal use in furnishings and interior design, bedroom and living room furnishings.

How to use Adler Betoneffekt
Adler Betoneffekt needs to be stirred before use; this needs to be done by hand as to much stirring by machine can negatively influence the concrete effect. Do not apply with product is temperatures are below 5°C and above 30°C. Betoneffekt needs to be applied using a stainless-steel trowel, with the application thickness being 1-2mm. To clean used equipment, use soapy water immediately after use.

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Additional information

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