Adler Bluefin Top-Antiscratch Lacquer

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  • 4kg
  • Highly resistant
  • Good chemical and mechanical resistance

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Adler Bluefin Top-Antiscratch 
Adler Bluefin Top-Antiscratch is a highly resistant 2-component multi-coat and spray paint. It has good chemical and mechanical resistance and high surface hardness, excellent scratch resistance, and as well as having good standing on vertical surfaces and excellent resistance to yellowing it has good transparency.

Who is Adler Bluefin Top-Antiscratch for?
Adler Bluefin Top-Antiscratch is suitable as a multi-layer varnish on oak or spruce-matured timber for neutral firing on wood and is for coating furniture and interior finishing exposed to high levels of stress such as hotel and school furnishings, kitchen, and sanitary furniture (except worktops). It can also be used as a spray-on lacquer for water-based colourless and pigmented furniture lacquers and on highly non-flammable or flame-retardant structures.

Mixing and Cleaning
To use this product, you need to mix 10 parts Adler Bluefin Top-Antiscratch to 1 part Adler Aqua PUR Hardener 82221.
Once Mixed this product can be kept for 5 Hours at approx. 20°c and any increased temperatures with reducing the pot life.
To clean your equipment after using Adler Bluefin Top-Antiscratch you can use water.

Additional information

Additional information

RecoatableApprox. 4 Hours