Adler Legno Aqua-Öl

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  • Environmentally friendly paint
  • Based on renewable raw materials
  • Cradle to Cradle certified

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Manufacturer: Adler
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For many years ADLER has rightly been considered a pioneer in the field of environmentally friendly paint production. The concept of sustainability and the careful use of resources have become increasingly important, particularly in the construction and real estate sectors. This industry consumes large amounts of energy and raw materials for construction projects, which sometimes have a major impact on the environment. Sustainable building products are a key factor for acting with a thought to future generations

Cradle to Cradle

The idea of cradle to cradle is a design which encompasses products that are manufactured in such a way that their end is considered right from the beginning. The complete product cycle is so that the material used can be recycled after use in order to avoid waste in the first place. ADLER’s long term goal is for the coating material to provide an additional benefit through this process of recycling, for example as an adhesive or in colouring.

Legno Aqua-Öl

The Legno Aqua-Öl is a water-based, ecological wood oil, based on renewable raw materials for furniture and interior finishing for industrial and professional use.

Product Features

Legno Aqua-Öl has a lower grain accentuation compared to a classic oil, which makes the surface look natural. Free of solvents and plasticisers this fine feel product offers good surface protection. These properties and the high proportion of renewable raw materials make this water-based wood oil unique.

The Legno Aqua-Öl is Cradle to Cradle certified and ‘Baubook’ compliant which meets the criteria of ecological house building.

Suggested Applications

Legno Aqua-Öl is for indoor and can be applied with a spray gun or a paint brush.