Adler Legnopur 2k Acrylic Lacquer

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  • 4kg
  • Free from aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance

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Adler Legnopur 2k Acrylic Lacquer
Adler Legnopur 2k Acrylic Lacquer is a solvent-based 2-component polyurethane clear coat for furniture and interior finishing for industrial and professional use. This lacquer has excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, high filling capacity, long pot life, good grain accentuation and beautiful pore pattern. The product is characterised by high resistance to yellowing and optimal light protection for the wood and stains on account of the UV filter. Suitable for the “coat on coat” method of application and for furniture and indoor surfaces exposed to high levels of stress, for hotel and school establishments, for kitchen furniture and sanitary ware.