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Ambersil Rust Flash

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  • Reduces maintenance costs through time-saving
  • Frees metal parts seized by dirt, rust and corrosion
  • Based on an advanced formulation based on the laws of thermodynamics

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Ambersil Rust Flash
Ambersil Rust Flash is based on an advanced formulation based on the laws of thermodynamics which rapidly freezes rust down to -40ºC causing micro-fissures to form in the rust layer. The micro-fissures enable the active penetrating ingredients to get to work deep into the thread and allow the fastener to be removed up to 10X FASTER than ordinary penetrating formulations. Rust Flash frees metal parts seized by dirt, rust, corrosion or dried-up greasy deposits. Ensures quick disassembly of mechanical components, fittings, assemblies, nuts and bolts, and other close tolerance fasteners. It reduces maintenance costs through time-saving, and also it reduces the scrap rate of seized parts. Does not contain silicones.

Storage and Shelf Life
The product may be stored at normal ambient temperatures and has a shelf life of not less than 6 years with correct storage. Aerosols should always be stored below 50°C, away from direct heat and naked flame.

Directions for Use
– Remove as much of the loose dirt and grime from the application area as possible. We recommend one of the extensive Ambersil cleaners and degreasers range to provide the best results.
– Apply liberally, as close as possible, saturating problem areas.
– Use an extension tube for hard-to-reach areas and precision application.
– Allow two minutes for penetration then reapply if necessary

Typical Applications
Seized and rusted nuts and bolts, Valves, Seized and corroded fasteners, Air tools, Locks & Hinges, Chains and conveyors, Equipment disassembly, Agricultural equipment, threaded components.

Additional information

Additional information

AppearanceLiquid, Amber
Specific Gravity @ 20°C0.75
Flash Point (Tag Closed Cup)<0°C
Temperature Drop Effect-40°C on the surface
Horizontal Spread After 120 S, @ 20°C19cm²