Anker Stuy Hydrolux End Grain Sealer

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  • 1 Litre
  • KOMO certified
  • Waterborne primer for end grain

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Anker Stuy Hydrolux End Grain Sealer
Anker Stuy Hydrolux End Grain Sealer is a water borne primer for end grain available in clear or white and is KOMO certified.

Who is Anker Stuy Hydrolux End Grain Sealer for?
Anker Stuy Hydrolux End Grain Sealer is used for sealing cut edges on windows, doors, and other timber components as well as plywood materials. The substrate must be clean, dry, and free from dust, dirt, grease, silicone, and wax. For non-durable timbers a pre-treatment with a suitable preservative is advised. For durable timbers no preservative treatment is necessary.

How to Apply Anker Stuy Hydrolux End Grain Sealer
After stirring Hydrolux End Grain Sealer well it should be applied with a good quality nylon bristle brush designed for use with water borne coatings. Apply product liberally on cut end sections with to achieve a wet film thickness of at least 100 µm. Course, rough surfaces, or highly absorbent end grain sections may need more than one coat to be effectively sealed and on Accoya two coats are advised.
This Product is thinnable with clean water and used equipment is to be cleaned with warm water.

Additional information

Additional information

Dust Dry*30 Minutes
Re-coatable*2 – 2.5 Hours
Shelf Life1 Year
Max. Humidity85%
Min. Application TemperatureMin. 8°C

*These drying times are just estimates and will be affected by drying conditions

The information given is a general product description based on Anker Stuy experiences and tests therefor does not represent a specific practical case therefor Anker Stuy Coatings doesn’t guarantee the functionality or result and takes no responsibility in this respect.