Binks Concertina Spray Booth Filter

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• Manufactured from 100% Recycled Paper
• Less energy, filter changes and disposal costs
• Size: 0.9 x 9 metres

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Manufacturer: Binks
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The Binks concertina spray booth filters deliver important benefits to you and your spray booth. These booth filters are available in 3 filter levels and are designed to capture overspray efficiently and contribute to an improved, brighter working environment.

Binks spray booth filters utilise a combination of impingement and inertia separation to capture the overspray droplets suspended in the airstream passing through it. The larger droplets tend to impinge and be retained by the front V shaped surface of the Binks spray booth filter paper, preventing the bounce back effect of paint overspray. Whilst the accelerating air stream carries the overwhelming majority of the mid and smaller sized droplets through the network of circular holes distributed across the face of the Binks spray booth filter paper. The Binks spray booth filter design has in effect created a blind alley into once the droplets are driven; they are permanently trapped and cannot be re-launched into the air stream.
These Binks Filters can be used on any liquid overspray in the General Finishing Industry and are supported by a full technical data report, they are ATEX approved, backed up with ISO credentials. Full performance certification is available on request.

• Up to 98% filtration for Standard filter paper
• Up to 99% filtration efficiency for Super filter paper
• Bright White Face – Improves spray booth lighting conditions