Binks/DeVilbiss Inline Fluid Regulators

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  • Extreme accuracy
  • Use with manual or automatic control
  • Designed for use in high-tech paint shops

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Binks/DeVilbiss Inline Fluid Regulators
Binks/DeVilbiss Inline Fluid Regulators are designed and developed for use in the latest high-tech paint shops. They are precision made to provide extreme accuracy of the fluid as it arrives at the spray gun and applicator. These Fluid Regulators can be used with either manual or automatic control and can be utilised with Diaphragm Pumps, Pressure Feed Tanks or any size of Paint Circulating System.

Additional information

Additional information

ModelsManual ControlPneumatic ControlInlet PressureOutlet Pressure
HGB5095R38YesNo2/12.5 Bar1/5 Bar
HGB60912R38YesNo1/8 Bar0.15/1.2 Bar
HGB6095R38YesNo2/12.5 Bar1/5 Bar
HGB6099R38YesNo3/15 Bar3/9 Bar
HGB510R1NoYes2/15 Bar0.5/15 Bar
HGB510R2NoYes1/15 Bar0.15/7 Bar
HGB510R4NoYes1/15 Bar0.15/4 Bar
84598NoYes2/15 Bar0.5/15 Bar