DeVilbiss JGA/GFG Pro Spray Gun – Conventional

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  • Renowned Devilbiss atomization quality
  • Genuine fast application rates
  • Forged aluminium gun body for long life service

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Manufacturer: DeVilbiss
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The DeVilbiss JGA/GFG Pro Spray Gun – Conventional is a high performance conventional air atomizing spray gun, suitable for most industrial spray finishing applications.

Features of this Gun

Made from quality materials this gun will withstand the highest demands in the modern spray shop, providing a guaranteed long and durable working life. This gun also has light smooth trigger action to reduce operator fatigue and a balanced air valve design to improve air flow characteristics.

Typical Applications

This spray gun can be used with virtually all industrial solvent and water based paints, coatings, lubricants, dyes, stains, varnishes, lacquers and adhesives.


Parts List



Parts List

Parts List (click to go to part)

DeVilbiss Air Caps PROC-120-C - C1£129.65
DeVilbiss Air Caps PROC-120-C - C2£129.65
DeVilbiss Air Caps PROC-120-C - C3, JGA£129.65
DeVilbiss Air Valve Assembly SN-402-K£89.35
DeVilbiss Body Bushing and Seal SN-6-K£28.60
DeVilbiss Colour ID Ring Kit SN-26-K4£2.35
DeVilbiss Filter KR-484-K10£41.60
DeVilbiss Filters KGP-5-K5£7.30
DeVilbiss Fluid Adjusting Knob, Spring and Pad Kit PRO-3-K£22.05
DeVilbiss Fluid Needle PRO-305 - Size: 0.85mm-1.0mm - Code: PRO-305-085-10-K£27.20
DeVilbiss Fluid Needle PRO-305 - Size: 1.2mm-1.4mm - Code: PRO-305-12-14-K£27.20
DeVilbiss Fluid Needle PRO-305 - Size: 1.6mm-1.8mm - Code: JGAPRO-330-K£27.20
DeVilbiss Lid Assembly GFC-402£3.65
DeVilbiss Packing Spring and Nut Kit SN-404-K£13.65
DeVilbiss Repair Kit PRO-415-1£34.20
DeVilbiss Seal and Pin Kit GTI-428-K5£17.75
DeVilbiss Sprayhead Plate and Seal Kit SN-171-K£55.35
DeVilbiss Spreader Valve Assembly (Pro Grav) PRO-402-K£51.70
DeVilbiss Stud and Screw Set SN-405-K5£61.50
DeVilbiss Suction Cup Kit KR-566-1-B£101.60
Drip Check Diaphragm for DeVilbiss Advance HD / JGA / GTi Pro Lite Suction Feed Spray Guns KR-115-K5£9.70
Drip Check Lid for DeVilbiss SRi Pro Lite Spray Guns GFC-2-K5£4.85
Gravity Cup Kit to suit DeVilbiss Gravity Feed Spray Guns - Aluminium£85.25
Gravity Cup Kit to suit DeVilbiss Gravity Feed Spray Guns - Black£51.05
Gravity Cup Kit to suit DeVilbiss Gravity Feed Spray Guns - White£26.15
Spring Clip to suit DeVilbiss JGA Spray Gun JGA-156-K5£20.25