DeVilbiss JGA/GFG Pro Spray Gun – Conventional

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  • Renowned Devilbiss atomization quality
  • Genuine fast application rates
  • Forged aluminium gun body for long life service


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DeVilbiss JGA/GFG Pro Spray Gun – Conventional
DeVilbiss JGA/GFG Pro Spray Gun – Conventional is a high-performance conventional air atomizing spray gun, suitable for most industrial spray finishing applications.

Features of DeVilbiss JGA/GFG Pro Spray Gun – Conventional
DeVilbiss JGA/GFG Pro Spray Gun – Conventional is made from quality materials this gun will withstand the highest demands in the modern spray shop, providing a guaranteed long and durable working life. This gun also has light smooth trigger action to reduce operator fatigue and a balanced air valve design to improve airflow characteristics.

Typical Applications
This spray gun can be used with virtually all industrial solvent and water-based paints, coatings, lubricants, dyes, stains, varnishes, lacquers and adhesives.


Parts List



Parts List

Parts List (click to go to part)

DeVilbiss Air Caps PROC-120-C - C1£129.65
DeVilbiss Air Caps PROC-120-C - C2£129.65
DeVilbiss Air Caps PROC-120-C - C3, JGA£129.65
DeVilbiss Air Valve Assembly SN-402-K£80.00
DeVilbiss Body Bushing and Seal SN-6-K£28.60
DeVilbiss Colour ID Ring Kit SN-26-K4£1.50
Devilbiss Drip Check Diaphragm - KR-115-K5£11.00
DeVilbiss Drip Check Lid - GFC-2-K5£4.00
DeVilbiss Filter KR-484-K10£48.00
DeVilbiss Filters KGP-5-K5£8.50
DeVilbiss Fluid Adjusting Knob, Spring and Pad Kit PRO-3-K£17.00
DeVilbiss Fluid Needle PRO-305 - Size: 0.85mm-1.0mm - Code: PRO-305-085-10-K£18.00
DeVilbiss Fluid Needle PRO-305 - Size: 1.2mm-1.4mm - Code: PRO-305-12-14-K£21.00
DeVilbiss Fluid Needle PRO-305 - Size: 1.6mm-1.8mm - Code: JGAPRO-330-K£23.00
DeVilbiss Gravity Cup Kits - Aluminium£95.00
DeVilbiss Gravity Cup Kits - Black£43.00
DeVilbiss Gravity Cup Kits - White£26.15
DeVilbiss Lid Assembly GFC-402£3.65
DeVilbiss Packing Spring and Nut Kit SN-404-K£13.65
DeVilbiss Repair Kit PRO-415-1£36.20
DeVilbiss Seal and Pin Kit GTI-428-K5£17.00
DeVilbiss Sprayhead Plate and Seal Kit SN-171-K£39.00
DeVilbiss Spreader Valve Assembly (Pro Grav) PRO-402-K£34.00
DeVilbiss Spring Clip - JGA-156-K5£16.00
DeVilbiss Stud and Screw Set SN-405-K5£50.00
DeVilbiss Suction Cup Kit KR-566-1-B£102.00