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Devilbiss PROV 650 Air Fed Respirator Kit

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  • Better spray dynamics
    No misting or discomfort
  • Ensuring every sprayer can work at their best.


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Devilbiss PROV 650 Air Fed Respirator Kit
Devilbiss PROV 650 Air Fed Respirator Kit has the Pro Visor that disperses breathing air gently around the lightweight visor at a positive pressure with no misting or discomfort, ensuring every sprayer can work at their best.

Features of Devilbiss PROV 650 Air Fed Respirator Kit
The gun supply hose swivels both radially and laterally, providing better spray dynamics without the hose restricting the sprayer’s movement. The headpiece and supply hose is anti-static and anti-kink. There is a wider wrap-around visor that provides excellent peripheral vision and an audible warning device for low air pressure, meeting the latest H&S regulations. The waist belt has an ergonomic fitting and the waist belt filter is easy to remove and refit.


Parts List



Parts List

Parts List (click to go to part)

Devilbiss PROV-17 Rigid Acetate Visor and Face Seal£122.55
Devilbiss Prov-21 Peak£23.70
Devilbiss PROV-24 Breathing Air Tube Complete£65.05
Devilbiss PROV-27 Filter Element£121.50
Devilbiss PROV-30 Spacer, Stud & Knob£40.35
Devilbiss PROV-31 Filter Cap & Seal£30.10
Devilbiss PROV-32 Y-Piece Assembly£90.85
Devilbiss PROV-34 Filter Cap Seal£26.45
Devilbiss PROV-36 Tear-Off Visors - 10 pcs£20.50
Devilbiss PROV-36 Tear-Off Visors - 50 pcs£85.50
Devilbiss PROV-39 Hood£104.30
Devilbiss PROV-40 Adjustable Headpiece£53.21
Devilbiss PROV-406 1.2m Hose£102.15
Devilbiss PROV-42 QD Connector£45.15
Devilbiss PROV-51 Belt & Buckle£50.55
Devilbiss PROV-52 Lint Free Brow Band£30.10
Graco 245858 - Seat Valve£28.00