Fronius iWave 230i TIG Welding System

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  • AC/DC and DC available
  • Targeted heat input
  • Improved ignition function


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Fronius iWave 230i TIG Welding System
Fronius iWave 230i TIG Welding System gives you maximum TIG welding quality on every weld with every material and without compromise.

Features of Fronius iWave 230i TIG Welding System
The Fronius iWave 230i TIG Welding System has a targeted heat input and an improved ignition function which offers you maximum control of your arc and significantly reduced ignition delays.
All the operating elements of the iWave series are designed for maximum control resulting in intuitive handling which allows you to fully focus on your welding challenge. Using the self-explanatory and straightforward menu system on this machine you can easily change the settings and get right back to welding.
This system has fast and reproducible ignition, regardless of material condition and without any manual adjustment of the ignition parameters and also is ready for industry 4.0 and all that lies ahead by supporting the key connection standards from WLAN to Bluetooth and NFC for optimum use.

Additional information

Additional information

Open Circuit Voltage100V97V
Mains Frequency50-60Hz50-60Hz
Mains Voltage230V230V