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Graco Ultra Max II 595 Pro Contractor Electric Airless Sprayer

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  • Ideal choice for the painting professional
  • High output from a small unit
  • Withstands rugged environments

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Graco Ultra Max II 595
Graco Ultra Max II 595 is the ideal choice for the painting professional who needs the highest possible output from a small portable unit. This sprayer increases productivity and unmatched reliability making it easier to get more work don’t in a day with increased flow and production rates.

Who is The Graco Ultra Max II 595 for?
Graco Ultra Max II 595 supports wide RAC spray tips to finish large surface area projects faster while the longer pump stroke extends time between repacks. Graco Ultra Max II 595 is compatible with lacquer, stains, interior and exterior latex, enamel, acrylics and oil-based primers.

Benefits of The Graco Ultra Max II 595
The Graco Ultra Max II 595 has a lot of features and benefits including SmartControl with digital display which delivers even pressure on every job by constantly monitoring performance and adjusting motor speed to match your spraying needs. It measures sprayer gallons, hours and pressure and provides support messages and diagnostic support. It has a MaxPower Motor providing power and performance for all painting applications and the advantage drive gives the longest lasting drive. It is designed to allow for easy, one-person bucket changes.

How do I know my Pump is going to work?
When you purchase a Spray Pump from Elmbridge UK we will have fully assembled and tested it before it is dispatched to you. From our experience this gives our customers piece of mind and limited down time when their new pump arrives.

Additional information

Additional information

Flow Rate Max. 0.7GPM
Working Pressure Max. 22.8MPa
Power Rating 1.19kW
Fluid Outlet Size 0.635cm
Weight 29.94kg