Graco XHD™ RAC® SwitchTip™

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• Reduce Downtime
• Improve Productivity
• Change Tips in seconds
• Heavy-Duty Applications
• Best Tip for High-Pressure Spraying

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Manufacturer: Graco
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The Graco XHD™ RAC® SwitchTip™ is one of the most relied on tips for high pressure spraying. This versatile spray tip takes out one of the biggest headaches of spraying which is tip issues, from blockages to having to take the gun apart to change the tip.
This tip has a locking tab to ensure the tip stays securely in the holder. Its designed for heavy-duty applications up to 500 bar (50.0 MPa, 7250 psi).
If you’re looking to improve productivity and reduce down time we strongly recommend this Graco XHD™ RAC® SwitchTip™, it has been said to be the best choice for spraying high-pressure coatings.