Jasic HD Welding Helmet

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  • Durable battery life: Approx. 1000 hours (Operating)
  • Ultra-lightweight, just 536g to reduce strain on the neck and head
  • Excellent field of vision with a 96mm x 67mm viewing area

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Manufacturer: Jasic
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The Jasic HD Welding Helmet is a fantastic value product boasting some of the same premium features found on other well-known brands – but at a fraction of the cost. These include: True Colour Technology – Advanced UV/IR filter offers a more realistic viewing experience and improved vision with less eye strain provides greater comfort and increased productivity. This Helmet also has Advanced Digital Auto-Darkening Filter – Fully variable shade 5-8 & 9-13, enhanced view of the equipment display to adjust settings (No more head snaps) and rapid response lens with a 0.08ms switching speed.  It has 4 welding arc sensors providing maximum detection capabilities and adjustable delay function 0.1s – 2.0s to prevent eye dazzle immediately after welding. The fully adjustable headgear ensures a comfortable fit. The Helmet comes with 2 CR2450 3V lithium batteries and conforms to EN166/175B/379 CE, ANSI Z87.1+ CSA Z94.3, AS/NZS1337/1338