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Jotun Tankguard 412 White

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  • 15 Litre
  • High build
  • Solvent-free

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Manufacturer: Jotun
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Jotun Tankguard 412
Jotun Tankguard 412 is a two-component solvent free polyamine cured epoxy coating that is a general-purpose tank lining and has good chemical resistance.

Who’s Jotun Tankguard 412 for
Jotun Tankguard 412 can be used as a primer, mid coat or finish coat in atmospheric and immersed environments and is suitable for properly prepared carbon steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, and concrete substrates. It can be used in the marine industry as a coating for portable water, grey water and crude oil tanks or as a protective coating as internal lining for offshore, onshore and buried tanks and pipes. It is recommended for offshore environments including splash zones, refineries, power plants, bridges buildings, mining equipment and general structural steel.
Jotun Tankguard 412 can be applied using airless spray, a brush is recommended for stripe coating and small areas with care taken to achieve the specified dry film thickness. A roller is only to be used for scallops ratholes and small pipes etc.

Pros & Cons of Jotun Tankguard 412
– Good chemical resistance
– Solvent Free
– High Build

– Need to Mix Both Parts
– Needs to be used within 2 hours of being mixed (at 23 ºC)

Additional information

Additional information

Mixing Ratio 2 Parts (comp A) to 1 Part (comp B)
Pot Life Once Mixed @ 23ºC 2 Hour
Dry Film Thickness 150-500 µm
Wet Film Thickness 150-500 µm
Theoretical Spreading Rate 6.5 – 2 M²/L
Surface (touch) Dry @ 23ºC 6 Hours
Walk-on-Dry @ 23ºC 12 Hours
Dried Cured for Service @ 23 ºC 7 Days

This information is given to the best of Jotun’s knowledge based on lab testing and experience