Marathon Prime Finish HS Primer/Topcoat

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  • High build
  • Direct to metal application
  • Versatile and easy to use

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Ash Grey

BS 00A01

Goose Grey

BS 00A05

Flint Grey

BS 00A09

Storm Grey

BS 00A13


BS 00E53


BS 00E55

Clover Pink

BS 02C37

Lupin Pink

BS 02C33

Victoria Plum

BS 02C39

Pastel Pink

BS 04B15

Deep Plum

BS 02C40

Dusty Pink

BS 04B17


BS 04B21

Orchid Pink

BS 04C33


BS 04C31

Autumn Brown

BS 04C37

Misty Red

BS 04D44

Brick Red / Terracotta

BS 04C39

Dark Cherry

BS 04D45

Rose Pink

BS 04E49

Salmon Red

BS 04E51

Poppy Red

BS 04E53


BS 04E55


BS 04E58

Carnival red

BS 04E56


BS 06C33

Light Orange

BS 06C35

Saddle Brown

BS 06C39

Leather Brown

BS 06C37


BS 06C40

Mid Tan

BS 06D43


BS 06D45

Mellow Apricot

BS 06E50

Mandarin Orange

BS 06E51

Maori Brown

BS 06E56


BS 08B15

Honey Beige

BS 08B17


BS 08B21

Beaver Brown

BS 08B25

Bitter Chocolate / Van Dyke Brown

BS 08B29


BS 08C33

Honeysuckle Cream

BS 08C31

Fudge / Bamboo

BS 08C35


BS 08D41


BS 08C37


BS 08C39


BS 08E55

Golden Yellow

BS 08E51

Dawn Grey

BS 10A03

Goosewing Grey

BS 10A05

Charcoal Grey

BS 10A11

Nimbus Grey

BS 10A07

Creamy White

BS 10B15


BS 10B17

Lizard Grey

BS 10B21


BS 10B19

New Grey

BS 10B23

Turtle Green

BS 10B25

Ivory / Buttermilk

BS 10C31

Vandyke Brown

BS 10B29

Dark Olive

BS 10C39


BS 10C35


BS 10C33

Pale Primrose

BS 10E49

French Mustard

BS 10D45

Golden Maize

BS 10D43

Light Grapefruit

BS 10E50

Sunflower Yellow

BS 10E53

Green Mist

BS 12B17

Sea Foam

BS 12B15

Aztec Yellow

BS 10E55

Spruce Green

BS 12B25

Moorland/Mineral Green

BS 12B21

Olive Green

BS 12B27

Midnight/Juniper Green

BS 12B29


BS 12C37

Green Haze

BS 12C33

Light Yellow

BS 12C31

Ivy Green

BS 12C39


BS 12D41

Dark Laurel

BS 12D45


BS 12D43

Pale Lime

BS 12E51

Linden Green

BS 12E53

Iceplant Green

BS 14C35

Glacial Green

BS 14C31


BS 12E55

Light Green

BS 14E49

Moss Green

BS 14C40

Holly/Pinewood Green

BS 14C39

Irish Green

BS 14E53

Bright Green

BS 14E51


BS 14E50


BS 16E50

Dark Jade

BS 16D45

Reef Green

BS 16C37

Duck Egg Blue

BS 16C33

Squirrel Grey

BS 18B21

Blue Mink/Pigeon Grey

BS 18B17


BS 16E53

Corvette Blue

BS 18C35

Ice Blue

BS 18C31

Raven/Slate Black

BS 18B29

Merlin/Dark Admiralty Grey

BS 18B25

Crystal Blue

BS 18E49

Dresden Blue

BS 18D43

Ocean/Fathom Blue

BS 18C39

Wedgewood/Corvette Blue

BS 18C37

Pacific Blue

BS 18E58

Cornflower/Tartan Blue

BS 18E53

Delphinium Blue

BS 18E51

Ribbon Blue

BS 18E50

Duchess Blue

BS 20C40

Larkspur Blue

BS 20C37

Porcelain Blue

BS 20C33

Cornflower Blue

BS 20E51


BS 20E53

Sapphire Blue

BS 20D45

Powder Blue

BS 20D41


BS 20E56


BS 22D41

Purple Heather

BS 22C37

Pale Lavender

BS 22B17

Pearl Grey

BS 22B15


BS 24E53

Regal Violet

BS 24C39

Pale Lilac

BS 24C33

Deep Purple

BS 22D45

Sky Blue

BS 101


BS 103

Azure Blue

BS 104

Oxford Blue

BS 105

Royal Blue

BS 106

Strong Blue

BS 107

Aircraft Blue

BS 108

Middle Blue

BS 109

Roundle Blue

BS 110

Arctic Blue

BS 112

Pale Blue

BS 111

Deep Saxe

BS 113

Rail Blue

BS 114

Pale Roundle Blue

BS 172

French Blue

BS 166

Cobalt Blue

BS 115

Sea Green

BS 217

Eau De Nil

BS 216


BS 210

Light French Blue

BS 175

Light Bronze Green

BS 222

Brilliant Green

BS 221

Olive Green

BS 220

Grass Green

BS 218

Light Brunswick Green

BS 225

Deep Bronze Green

BS 224

Middle Bronze Green

BS 223

Dark Green

BS 241

Emerald Green

BS 228

Deep Brunswick Green

BS 227

Mid Brunswick Green

BS 226

Opaline Green

BS 275

Deep Chrome Green

BS 267

Bold Green

BS 262

Aircraft Grey Green

BS 283

Forest Green

BS 282

Verdigris Green

BS 280

Light Olive Green

BS 278

Nato Green

BS 285

Spruce Green

BS 284


BS 315


BS 310

Canary Yellow

BS 309

Olive Drab

BS 298

Pale Cream

BS 352

Dark Earth

BS 350

Very Dark Drab

BS 337

Light Brown

BS 320

Light Buff

BS 358

Golden Yellow

BS 356


BS 355

Deep Cream

BS 353

Light Stone

BS 361

Bold Yellow

BS 363

Middle Buff

BS 359


BS 367


BS 369

Light Beige

BS 366


BS 365

Camouflage Desert Sand

BS 380


BS 388

Light Straw

BS 384

Camouflage Beige

BS 389

Middle Brown

BS 411

Camouflage Red

BS 435

Dk Cam'Flage Desert Sand

BS 420

Golden Brown

BS 414

Dark Brown

BS 412

Red Oxide

BS 446

Venetian Red

BS 445


BS 444

Dark Camouflage Brown

BS 436

Light Purple Brown

BS 449

Deep Indian Red

BS 448

Salmon Pink

BS 447

Deep Buff

BS 460

Pale Roundel Red

BS 454

Shell Pink

BS 453

Dark Crimson

BS 452

Gulf Red

BS 473

Signal Red

BS 537

Service Brown

BS 499

Leaf Brown

BS 489


BS 538


BS 542


BS 541


BS 540

Currant Red

BS 539


BS 568

Bold Red

BS 564

Light Orange

BS 557

Light Aircraft Grey

BS 627

Camouflage Grey

BS 626

Rail Red

BS 593

International Orange

BS 592

Light Grey

BS 631

Dark Admiralty Grey

BS 632

French Grey

BS 630

Dark Camouflage Grey

BS 629

Raf Blue-Grey

BS 633

Pru Blue

BS 636


BS 635


BS 634


BS 642

Extra Dark Sea Grey

BS 640

Light Slate Grey

BS 639

Dark Sea Grey

BS 638

Medium Sea Grey

BS 637

Dark Weatherwork Grey

BS 677

Smoke Grey

BS 692

Light Weatherwork Grey

BS 676

Middle Graphite

BS 671

Light Admiralty Grey

BS 697

Dove Grey

BS 694

Aircraft Grey

BS 693

Light Violet

BS 797

Dark Violet

BS 796

Green Beige

RAL 1000


RAL 1001

Sand Yellow

RAL 1002

Signal Yellow

RAL 1003

Golden Yellow

RAL 1004

Honey Yellow

RAL 1005

Maize Yellow

RAL 1006

Daffodil Yellow

RAL 1007

Brown Beige

RAL 1011

Lemon Yellow

RAL 1012

Oyster White

RAL 1013


RAL 1014

Saffron Yellow

RAL 1017

Sulfur Yellow

RAL 1016

Light Ivory

RAL 1015

Zinc Yellow

RAL 1018

Grey Beige

RAL 1019

Olive Yellow

RAL 1020

Rape Yellow

RAL 1021

Traffic Yellow

RAL 1023

Ochre Yellow

RAL 1024


RAL 1027

Melon Yellow

RAL 1028

Dahlia Yellow

RAL 1033

Broom Yellow

RAL 1032

Pastel Yellow

RAL 1034

Sun yellow

RAL 1037

Pastel Orange

RAL 2003


RAL 2002

Red Orange

RAL 2001

Yellow Orange

RAL 2000

Traffic Orange

RAL 2009

Bright Red Orange

RAL 2008

Pure Orange

RAL 2004

Salmon Range

RAL 2012

Flame Red

RAL 3000

Deep Orange

RAL 2011

Signal Orange

RAL 2010

Carmine Red

RAL 3002

Signal Red

RAL 3001

Ruby Red

RAL 3003

Oxide Red

RAL 3009

Black Red

RAL 3007

Wine Red

RAL 3005

Purple Red

RAL 3004

Tomato Red

RAL 3013

Beige Red

RAL 3012

Brown Red

RAL 3011

Coral Red

RAL 3016

Light Pink

RAL 3015

Antique Pink

RAL 3014

Salmon Pink

RAL 3022

Traffic Red

RAL 3020

Strawberry Red

RAL 3018


RAL 3017

Red Violet

RAL 4002

Red Lilac

RAL 4001

Orient Red

RAL 3031

Pure red

RAL 3028

Raspberry Red

RAL 3027

Blue Lilac

RAL 4005

Purple Violet

RAL 4007

Claret Violet

RAL 4004

Heather Violet

RAL 4003


RAL 4010

Pastel Violet

RAL 4009

Signal Violet

RAL 4008

Saphire Blue

RAL 5003

Ultramarine Blue

RAL 5002

Green Blue

RAL 5001

Violet Blue

RAL 5000

Brillant Blue

RAL 5007

Signal Blue

RAL 5005

Black Blue

RAL 5004

Steel Blue

RAL 5011

Gentian Blue

RAL 5010

Azure Blue

RAL 5009

Grey Blue

RAL 5008

Cobalt Blue

RAL 5013

Light Blue

RAL 5012

Turquoise Blue

RAL 5018

Traffic Blue

RAL 5017

Sky Blue

RAL 5015

Pigeon Blue

RAL 5014

Night Blue

RAL 5022

Water Blue

RAL 5021

Ocean Blue

RAL 5020

Capri Blue

RAL 5019

Blue Green

RAL 6004

Olive Green

RAL 6003

Leaf Green

RAL 6002

Emerald Green

RAL 6001

Patina Green

RAL 6000

Pastel Blue

RAL 5024

Distant Blue

RAL 5023

Moss Green

RAL 6005

Grey Olive

RAL 6006

Bottle Green

RAL 6007

Brown Green

RAL 6008

Fir Green

RAL 6009

Grass Green

RAL 6010

Reseda Green

RAL 6011

Black Green

RAL 6012

Black Olive

RAL 6015

Yellow Olive

RAL 6014

Reed Green

RAL 6013

Turquoise Green

RAL 6016

Pastel Green

RAL 6019

Yellow Green

RAL 6018

May Green

RAL 6017

Chrome Green

RAL 6020

Olive Drab

RAL 6022

Pale Green

RAL 6021

Traffic Green

RAL 6024

Light Green

RAL 6027

Opal Green

RAL 6026

Fern Green

RAL 6025

Pine Green

RAL 6028

Mint Green

RAL 6029

Signal Green

RAL 6032

Pastel Turquoise

RAL 6034

Mint Turquoise

RAL 6033

Pure green

RAL 6037

Squirrel Grey

RAL 7000

Olive Grey

RAL 7002

Silver Grey

RAL 7001

Moss Grey

RAL 7003

Signal Grey

RAL 7004

Beige Grey

RAL 7006

Mouse Grey

RAL 7005

Khaki Grey

RAL 7008

Green Grey

RAL 7009

Tarpaulin Grey

RAL 7010

Iron Grey

RAL 7011

Basalt Grey

RAL 7012

Brown Grey

RAL 7013

Slate Grey

RAL 7015

Anthracite Grey

RAL 7016

Black Grey

RAL 7021

Umbra Grey

RAL 7022

Concrete Grey

RAL 7023

Graphite Grey

RAL 7024

Granite Grey

RAL 7026

Stone Grey

RAL 7030

Blue Grey

RAL 7031

Pebble Grey

RAL 7032

Cement Grey

RAL 7033

Yellow Grey

RAL 7034

Light Grey

RAL 7035

Platinum Grey

RAL 7036

Dusty Grey

RAL 7037

Agate Grey

RAL 7038

Quartz Grey

RAL 7039

Window Grey

RAL 7040

Traffic Grey A

RAL 7042

Traffic Grey B

RAL 7043

Silk Grey

RAL 7044

Telegrey 1

RAL 7045

Telegrey 2

RAL 7046

Telegrey 4

RAL 7047

Green Brown

RAL 8000

Signal Brown

RAL 8002

Ochre Brown

RAL 8001

Clay Brown

RAL 8003

Copper Brown

RAL 8004

Fawn Brown

RAL 8007

Olive Brown

RAL 8008

Nut Brown

RAL 8011

Sepia Brown

RAL 8014

Red Brown

RAL 8012

Chestnut Brown

RAL 8015

Mahogany Brown

RAL 8016

Chocolate Brown

RAL 8017

Grey Brown

RAL 8019

Black Brown

RAL 8022

Orange Brown

RAL 8023

Beige Brown

RAL 8024

Pale Brown

RAL 8025

Terra Brown

RAL 8028


RAL 9001

Grey White

RAL 9002

Signal White

RAL 9003

Signal Black

RAL 9004

Jet Black

RAL 9005

Pure White

RAL 9010

Graphite Black

RAL 9011

Traffic White

RAL 9016

Traffic Black

RAL 9017

Papyrus White

RAL 9018

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We can match most colours from a major paint manufacturers such as Dulux™, Crown™, Farrow & Ball™, Fired Earth™ etc. Where the origin of a colour is unknown we can usually scan the colour from a sample if you post it to us.

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Marathon Prime Finish HS
Marathon Prime Finish HS is a high build, quick drying, versatile and easy to use coating that can be applied direct to metal.

Who is Marathon Prime Finish HS for?
Marathon Prime Finish HS suitable for a wide range of applications including plant and machinery, shipping containers, architectural metalwork, and general steel fabrications. All surfaces need to be clean and dry before applying paint by airless spray or a brush or roller is recommended for smaller areas. This product can be thinned using Marathon 777 Industrial Thinners.

Additional information

Additional information

Surface Dry 20 Minutes
Dry to Handle 4 Hours

The information above is correct to the best of Marathon Coatings knowledge based on laboratory tests and practical experience. The quality of the product itself is the only thing that can be guaranteed.