Remmers HK Stain 3 in 1

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  • 3 in 1: impregnation, priming and stain
  • Protects wood from moisture and UV radiation
  • Impregnation effect: saturates wood to protect against moisture

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Remmers HK Stain 3 in 1

Remmers HK Stain 3 in 1 is a solvent-based premium wood preservative stain with excellent moisture protection for exterior wood.

  • Diffusion-open protective film: moisture can escape
  • Water-repellent: wet surfaces dry quickly
  • Protection against weathering (constructive protection and the protection provided by the product) reduces the risk of blue stain and rot
  • Increased solids content provides physical protection against nesting wasps
  • Film protects coating against blue stain, mould and algae
  • Subsequent treatment without sanding

What is Remmers HK Stain 3 in 1 used for?

  • For use on exterior wood
  • Wood without ground contact
  • Wood building elements with no dimensional stability: e.g. fences, framework, carports, planking
  • Wood building elements with limited dimensional stability, e.g. folding shutters, matchboarding, summerhouses
  • Dimensionally stable wood building elements (when used as a primer only): e.g. windows and doors
  • Primer, intermediate and finishing coats

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