Remmers Induline NW-740/05 Lacquer

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  • Cloth matt surface with very little emphasis of grain: the treated wood has a natural looking finish
  • UV absorbers reduce darkening of the wood
  • Added bonus of being resistant to scratches and hand cream when surface is subjected to normal use

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Remmers Induline NW-740/05 Lacquer

Remmers Induline NW-740/05 Lacquer is a water-based natural effect varnish for dimensionally stable wood building elements directly or indirectly exposed to weathering.

  • Surfaces show no tendency to become glossy
  • Clear version of the product for protected constructions provides the best possible natural look
  • Natural colours for surfaces exposed to direct weathering: pigmented versions of the product are available for the different types of wood so as to provide a natural look with good UV protection
  • Grey Protect colours for direct weathering: grey tones that harmonise with the natural greying of the wood for a timeless appearance

What is Remmers Induline NW-740/05 Lacquer used for?

  • For all dimensionally stable wood building elements made of light-coloured softwood and hardwood
  • Windows, exterior doors & conservatories
  • Wood-aluminium composite structures
  • Post-rail constructions
  • Natural/Grey Protect colours for direct weathering – clear for protected structures
  • Intermediate and finishing coats

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