Sayerlack AML3519/13 External High-Build WB Primer – White

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  • 5 Litres or 25 Litres

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Sayerlack AML3519/13 
Sayerlack AML3519/13  is a waterborne primer which provides a flexible finish with good outdoor durability. This fast-drying primer should be overcoated with a topcoat.

Who is Sayerlack AML3519/13  for?
Sayerlack AML3519/13 is for use on door and window frames and wooden products exposed to the outdoor environment. It can be applied by using airmix or airless spraying.

Additional information

Additional information

Recommended Application Weight 150-200g/m²
Air Drying @ 20°C >2 Hours
Forced Drying @ 30-40°C 30-60 Minutes
Forced Drying @ 40-50°C 20-30 Minutes

The data supplied is to the best knowledge and experience of Sayerlack. Responsibility of the final result of the product application is fully up to the users who shall make sure that the product corresponds to their own needs with regard to application system, substrates used and working conditions.