Sayerlack AT0601 Clear Self Sealer

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  • For interior use
  • Leaves natural finish
  • Has good chemical resistance

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Sayerlack AT0601
Sayerlack AT0601 is a 0-gloss waterborne basecoat with good chemical resistance, excellent transparency and writability resistance. It is perfect for when a natural effect is desired as it leaves the woods natural look without changing the shade and touch.

Who is Sayerlack AT0601 for?
Sayerlack AT0601 is for use on wood interiors for example kitchen doors, flat parts, turned parts, picture frames and matchboards. It can be applied using conventional or airmix spray.

Additional information

Additional information

Recommended Application Weight 80-100g/m²
Dust Free Dry (100g/m² @20°C) 30 Minutes
Touch Dry (100g/m² @20°C) 1 Hour
Stackable (100g/m² @20°C) 24 Hours

The data supplied is to the best knowledge and experience of Sayerlack. Responsibility of the final result of the product application is fully up to the users who shall make sure that the product corresponds to their own needs with regard to application system, substrates used and working conditions.