Sayerlack TU574 Polyurethane Primer – White

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  • Has ultra-high solids
  • Suitable for plastics
  • Two Pack Pigmented Primer

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Sayerlack TU574
Sayerlack TU574 is a two-pack white pigmented primer that has ultra-high solids and low solvents content that means it is also suitable for plastics. This product has high hiding power and is specially formulated to provide perfect adhesion to high density moulded PU foam to fill any tiny cavities in the surface.

Who is Sayerlack TU574 for?
Sayerlack TU574 is for use on moulded, high density, expanded, polyurethane foam and can be applied using a spray gun.

Additional information

Additional information

Pot Life 3 Hours
Recommended Application Weight 80-150g/m²
Interval Between Coats 60 Minutes – 8 Hours
Number of Coats Max. 2
Touch Dry (100g/m² @ 20°C) 60-70 Minutes
Stackable (100g/m² @ 20°C) 4 Hours

The data supplied is to the best knowledge and experience of Sayerlack. Responsibility of the final result of the product application is fully up to the users who shall make sure that the product corresponds to their own needs with regard to application system, substrates used and working conditions.