Sayerlack XM7100 Solvent Based Woodstain Concentrates

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  • Unlimited shelf-life
  • Can be spray applied
  • Can be used as a pastel stain

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XM7100 are general purpose, solvent based concentrated stains which tend to give a good harmonising effect to the substrate.


They should be applied directly onto bare wood after dilution by spray application.

On application, they have to be thinned down with DX0986 or DS1105 (1:2 to 1:10, depending on the desired intensity of the stain).

Use as pastel stain
XM7100 can be used to obtain pastel colours by mixing  XM7100 (white) with the other colours. Such pastel colours can be thinned with DT1150 or DT1146 in a ratio from 1:3 to 1:5.

Surface Preparation
All surfaces must be clean, dry, dust-free and in sound condition before staining.

Additional information

Additional information

Thinners DX1131 or DX0986
Volume Solids 8.5 – 73%
Surface Dry 1 – 30 minutes at 20°C
Application Method Spray
Surfaces Flat Parts, Turned Parts, Kitchen Doors, Profiles
Maintenance Cycle Unlimited use- Stir well before use