Sayerlack XM8000 Universal Stain Concentrates

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  • Unlimited shelf-life
  • Very fast drying time
  • Can be sprayed, wiped, dripped, brushed or rolled applied

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XM8000 are highly concentrated solvent based stains for timber. They demonstrate particularly high clarity through the applied colour, and tend to enhance differences in the substrate.

It is not possible to achieve a pigmented finish using these stains. XM8000 can be thinned with various solvents (DX1131 – fast) and also with water (slow). It can bleed into water-based lacquers. Drying speed, depending also on the type of thinner added, is usually very fast. It can be increased by means of forced drying systems, such as hot air or IR ovens.

Surface Preparation
All surface must be clean, dry, dust-free and in sound condition before staining.

Additional information

Additional information

Thinners DX0986 or DS1105
Volume Solids 11 – 22%
Surface Dry 1 – 30 minutes at 20°C
Application Method Spray, Wiping, Dipping, Brush, Roller Coater
Surfaces Flat Parts, Turned Parts, Kitchen Doors, Profiles
Maintenance Cycle Unlimited use- Stir well before use