Unic Solvent Recycler USD60-XPE

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  • Economic to run
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces waste and costs
  • 60L capacity


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Unic Solvent Recycler USD60-XPE
Unic Solvent Recycler USD60-XPE will recycle used solvents, helping to reduce wastage and your solvent purchases.

Features of the Unic Solvent Recycler USD60-XPE
This automatically operated Unic Solvent Recycler is made of copper and stainless steel, has a 60-litre capacity and is low maintenance and economic to run. It has flameproof construction and explosion-proof controls as well as being fully certified to EEXd standards and ATEX compliant.

Why use a Unic Solvent Recycler USD60-XPE
The use of Solvent Recyclers has become much more prevalent with the waste disposal costs always increasing. Most businesses in the industry lose a lot of the solvent they use to clean their spray equipment with only 5% of this solvent being recycled and put back into use. Using a Solvent Recycling Machine you can recycle up to 95% of your solvent, reducing waste disposal costs and in many cases VOC levels across your company to below licensing levels.

How Unic Solvent Recycler USD60-XPE works
Using a process of distillation the Unic Solvent Recycler USD60-XPE converts contaminated solvents into clean, reusable solvents. A typical regeneration cycle is between 5-7 hours and the waste product is left in a bag inside the machine upon completion.