Wagner Cobra 2K Spray Outfit

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  • High pressure mixing system
  • For small jobs to full time use
  • Suitable for Aircoat and Airless spraying


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Wagner Cobra 2K
Wagner Cobra 2K is an innovative, extremely compact, 1:1, high pressure mixing system that is equipped with double suction hoses, recycle valves and a static mixer. The Cobra 2K is easy to clean and perfect for everything from small jobs to full time use and is suitable for AirCoat and Airless spraying.

Who is The Wagner Cobra 2K for?
Wagner Cobra 2K is a system for processing Polyester based lacquers. With the alternating mixing and homogenization of premixed resin with hardener or accelerator mixtures it gives excellent and uniform surface quality that is normally only possible with 3K systems and high-quality investments.
The Cobra 2K is suitable for application on old style furniture, coffins, musical instruments, boat, and yacht interiors.

Benefits of The Cobra 2K
The Cobra 2K has extremely durable diaphragm which ensures very high reliability and minimal maintenance and the drastic reduction of solvent use, and you will see a drastic reduction of solvent use and consumption compared to premixed material. The small volume and edge free interior mean high material saving potential.

How do I know my Pump is going to work?
When you purchase a Spray Pump from Elmbridge UK we will have fully assembled and tested it before it is dispatched to you. From our experience this gives our customers piece of mind and limited down time when their new pump arrives.

What is included with my new Pump?
– Wagner Cobra 2K Spray Pump
– Wagner GM 4700 Spray Gun
– 5 Metre Hoses

Additional information

Additional information

Pump Ratio 1:1
Required CFMMinimum 30
Mixing Accuracy+/- 10%
Double Stroke Volume10cm³/DH