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Wagner GM 4700 Air Assisted Airless Spray Gun

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  • Light AirCoat manual gun
  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications


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Wagner GM 4700
Wagner GM 4700 is a light AirCoat manual gun with an excellent ergonomic design for larger hands making fatigue free working possible. AirCoat combines the advantages of airless and air atomizing spray technology, in addition to an excellent coating quality ad significantly lower spray pressure than with airless, the AirCoat process also enables a high working speed and less overspray than with air spray applications.

Who is The Wagner GM 4700 for?
Wagner GM 4700 is suitable for a wide range of applications including the joinery, met, agricultural and construction industries. The materials that can be used with this gun are stains, clear lacquers, solvent and water-based paints, PU, epoxy, 2-component and high solids materials.

Benefits of the Wagner GM 4700
The Wagner GM 4700 has fine and homogeneous atomization combined with a uniform droplet size ensuring a very high transfer efficiency and also no tools are required to change the Wagner cage filter on this gun reducing downtime to a minimum. The forged housing of the GM 4700 ensures high reliability even under the toughest production conditions. It is also flexible to different applications with adaptation to water or solvent based materials achieved by simply replacing the air cap.

Additional information

Additional information

Air Pressure Max. 8 bar
Material Pressure Max. 250 bar
Material Temperature Max 55°C
Air Connection G ¼”
Weight 536g


Parts List



Parts List

Parts List (click to go to part)

Wagner GM 4700 Air Needle Tension Spring 9999500£1.33
Wagner GM 4700 Air Pusher Assembly 394924£41.02
Wagner GM 4700 Chuck 394330£10.74
Wagner GM 4700 Gasket 394328£4.90
Wagner GM 4700 HV Plus Blue Air Cap 2313497£126.08
Wagner GM 4700 LV Plus Red Air Cap 2313494£126.08
Wagner GM 4700 Nut for Trigger 394318£5.08
Wagner GM 4700 O-Ring 9971445£2.46
Wagner GM 4700 Rod Seal 394323£4.70
Wagner GM 4700 Screw for Trigger 394319£5.05
Wagner GM 4700 Seal Nozzle 394338£4.40
Wagner GM 4700 Sealing Screw 394327£10.65
Wagner GM 4700 Service Kit 394941£178.02
Wagner GM 4700 Set Gasket UHMW-PE 2324747£29.41
Wagner GM 4700 Spring Cover 250 bar 394333£4.40
Wagner GM 4700 Tappet 394309£17.38
Wagner GM 4700 Tappet Assembly 394257£28.55
Wagner GM 4700 Tension Sleeve 394256£18.57
Wagner GM 4700 Union Nut 394308£14.12
Wagner GM 4700 Union Nut Assembly 394921£34.06
Wagner GM 4700 Valve Mounting Assembly 394922£48.20
Wagner GM 4700 Valve Stem Assembly 394920£85.00
Wagner GM4700 Cap 394322£4.69
Wagner GM4700 Fluid Needle Tension Spring 9999501£6.50

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