Wagner GM 5000EA Electrostatic Gun

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  • Electrostatic manual gun
  • Strong performance and high surface quality
  • Designed for a range of materials and environments


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Wagner GM 5000EA
Wagner GM 5000EA is an electrostatic manual gun that has flexible applications, strong performance and high surface quality. The exchangeable hook ensures low service cost, and the innovative nozzles and air caps are specially developed for the perfect combination of optimum droplet size with an electrostatic charge for particularly high coating performance and quality.

Who is The Wagner GM 5000EA for?
Wagner GM 5000EA is for air spray applications with low-conductive solvent-based lacquers. It has an integrated high-voltage cascade and offers a soft and homogeneous spray jet for high coating quality and outstanding application efficiency. The GM 5000EA was designed for harsh environments, intensive use, different spray materials and much more.

Benefits of The Wagner GM 5000EA
The Wagner GM5000EA has a time-saving feature with the wrap-around effect, the paint which is electrostatically charged by the spray gun is attracted to all sides of the grounded object, this saves time and depending on the object it may only need to be painted one time. When an electrostatic field is generated between the electrode and the grounded workpiece the paint particles are charged and attracted to the grounded object, this effect increases the efficiency significantly compared to non-electrostatic systems.

The package option includes the gun, power pack, and 7.5-metre hoses.

Additional information

Additional information

Output Current100µA
Material PressureMax. 8 Bar
Paint Conductivity20-50
Air Inlet PressureMax. 8 Bar
Operating Temperature5-40°C