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Wagner Leopard 48 – 110 Pneumatic Airless Sprayer

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  • Robust, reliable, and easy to maintain
  • Consistent solutions for extreme challenges
  • Developed for heavy-duty corrosion protection


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Wagner Leopard 48-110
Wagner Leopard 48-110 has been developed for heavy-duty corrosion protection, a consistent solution for extreme challenges even under the toughest of conditions. With this spray system you get maintenance free control with very little pulsation for outstanding spray quality, even during continuous operation, they are also extremely robust, reliable, and easy to maintain in everyday use.

Who is The Wagner Leopard 48-110 for?
Wagner Leopard 48-110 is ideal for thick film corrosion protection, even when applying large amounts of material and using several guns. It is designed to process modern, high solid protective coating materials and is perfect for processing abrasive materials such as zinc powder paints.

Benefits of The Wagner Leopard 48-110
The Wagner Leopard 48-110 has a large fluid section ensures low piston speed and high dynamic pressure, and the pump inlet valve with its extra-large valve diameter of 45mm makes reliable intake possible at all times. The RackCaddy also provides all round protection for the pump and accessories as well as making it robust and sturdy for tough environments and the integrated 3-way main valve allows a soft start and automatic pressure relief to be controlled with ease.

How do I know my Pump is going to work?
When you purchase a Spray Pump from Elmbridge UK we will have fully assembled and tested it before it is dispatched to you. From our experience this gives our customers piece of mind and limited down time when their new pump arrives.

What is included with my new Pump?
– GM1 Gun
– Fluid Filter
– Suction Hose

Additional information

Additional information

Pump Ratio 48:1
Required CFMMinimum 15
Material PressureMax. 380 bar
Double Stroke Volume 110 cm