Wagner Leopard Pneumatic Air Assisted Airless Sprayer

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  • The most powerful AirCoat piston pump in the Wagner product range
  • No more icing in continuous operation IceBreaker® motor
  • Suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

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Manufacturer: Wagner
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The Wagner Leopard Pneumatic Air Assisted Airless Sprayer is a high-pressure piston pump, stainless steel, for Airless and AirCoat applications with low to medium viscosity materials up to 220 bar and 2.4 L/min. Ideal for professional individual lacquer stations or as a hardener pump in cabinet making, wood working, furniture and metal working operations.

The performance capability of Puma 28-40 allows a choice of applications in the aircoat or airless process.

The high pressure ratio provides a low pulsation material flow and brilliant atomisation even with greater
hose lengths.

Easy Cleaning
Due to the optimised inlet and outlet valves and also a self adjusting packing system, the pump can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

Additional information

Additional information

Pump Ratio 35:1
Max Working Ratio 250 Bar
Max Delivery Rate 4.2 L Per Minute
Max Tip Size 0.025″
Weight 26KG