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Wagner VM 5000 Power Pack

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  • Control unit to drive GM 5000 guns
  • Easy to handle and very safe
  • Quick recipe and setting changes


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Wagner VM 5000 Power Pack
Wagner VM 5000 Power Pack is a control unit which has adjustable high voltage, recipe changes, safety monitoring and many other features.

Who is Wagner VM 5000 Power Pack for?
Wagner VM 5000 Power Pack is to drive the electrostatic manual guns GM 5000EA and GM 5000EAC.

Benefits of The Wagner VM 5000 Power Pack
Wagner VM 5000 Power Pack is Atex zone 2 compliant and can therefor be placed much closer to the workplace this makes the correct parameters easy to optimize quickly and directly.
Three recipes for nominal voltage and current can be saved and activated directly from the gun or control unit, this makes it quick and simple for the painter to select his preferred working conditions.
The grounding of the gun is monitored by the control unit and if the grounding is interrupted the high voltage will be switched off ensuring maximum safety for the coater.
The one knob adjustments of all parameters makes it very easy and possible to change settings very quickly