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What it means to the industry.

Elmbridge UK – Quality, Safety & Efficiency

At Elmbridge we focus on bringing the bringing the best quality, latest innovation and the safest technology to your industry. We have a robust supply chain and excellent sourcing ability to make sure we meet your requirements on time, every time.

Wood Coatings

Our relationship with the wood coating industry has blossomed and we’re quickly becoming an industry leader in finishes, treatments and application equipment. We stock a range of paints that include some of the biggest names in the market and along with that we have the capabilities to tint and test inhouse. This means that the coatings from us are not only the perfect colour for your requirement we also know that its 100% the right product for your application.

Industrial Coatings

Our industrial coatings department offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of finishes and treatments to the industrial market. Whether you’re looking to protect against weather or fire, give a property a facelift, or even paint plastic, our range covers its all with some of the biggest names in the industry. This isn’t all, our highly trained team will be able to advise the best product for your application and the best technology to apply it.

Spray Equipment

With the ability to be able to source the biggest brands in the market we can guarantee you that you’ll get the best product for your application requirements. As part of our offering to you we can offer onsite demos with various equipment which will give you the confidence before making investments. We offer a full range of equipment from a simple sprayer through to a full turnkey solution.


Our engineering department is what helps us provide the full solution. This is where Elmbridge started back in 1976 and we still provide our customers with the latest technology and the greatest products. Our focus is to provide a range of products that enable you to work efficiently and safely and with our large stock holding we can get goods to you quickly for minimum downtime.

Decorative Arts

Having been a customer of ours Henry Van Der Vijver wanted to work with us to provide a bespoke range of coatings for the decorative art industry. This is where the HV’Art product range was born. Being produced in house at our facility in Gloucestershire we offer you a very high quality product and service. Our range gives you a complete package for your artwork from base coats right through to final lacquers.

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