Adler Aqua-Resist Lacquer – 5kg

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  • Suitable for the paint-on-paint method
  • Excellent firmness on vertical surfaces
  • Cream and grease resistant

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Manufacturer: Adler
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Adler Aqua-Resist Lacquer
Adler Aqua-Resist Lacquer is a water based, one component clear varnish that contains a special UV filter for protection against premature yellowing and fading.

Who is Adler Aqua-Resist Lacquer for?
Adler Aqua-Resist Lacquer is for use on wood and is suitable for the paint-on-paint method. It used for coating interior furniture exposed to high levels of stress such as hotel and school furnishings, kitchen and sanitary furniture excepts worktops. It is especially suitable for painting chairs and other frame type furniture and for objects that require outstanding cream and grease resistance. It is also good for highly non-flammable or flame retardant structures.

Benefits of Adler Aqua-Resist Lacquer
Adler Aqua-Resist Lacquer is perspiration and saliva proof making it safe for children’s toys. It is also a highly non-combustible coating material for sea going vessels.
It has good chemical and mechanical resistance as well as cream and grease resistance, excellent grain accentuation, transparency, and filling power. It also has good light fastness, and very good firmness on vertical surfaces.