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Atomize Layered Paper Filter

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  • 1 metre x 10 metres
  • Minimises overspray
  • Helps maintain uniformity of airflow

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Atomize Layered Paper Filter
The Atomize Layered Paper Filter consists of several layers of specially perforated paper overlapping one another, providing a large capturing area. Openings of one layer are organized opposite the previous layer. In circulating air, turbulence is caused, resulting in the catching of solid particles on individual layers of the filter. Each layer of the filtration paper has a different structure. The openings get gradually smaller and upper layers get clogged up slower than the bottom ones. This causes a regular load on all paper layers and the filter gets clogged equally in its entire depth.

What’s the difference between Yellow Tag and Orange Tag?
Yellow tag filters are your standard paper filter consisting of several layers of specially perforated paper. Orange tag are the same as yellow tag but with a media backing to improve filtration making it more efficient and longer lasting.

Who’s Atomize Layered Paper Filter for?
Atomize Layered Paper Filter is designed for optimum performance and extended service life. As a result, it is an extremely economical collector of particulates from the exhaust air of spray booths. The design of our Atomize Layered Paper Filters ensures the efficiency of operation is maintained and resistance to airflow is minimal. This helps slow resistance build-up and minimises airflow changes, providing more uniform air distribution through the booth and throughout the service life of each filter.

The uniformity of airflow and increased efficiency minimises the amount of overspray deposited where it is not wanted: in difficult to clean areas within the booth; inside of the exhaust duct; on fan blades, plant roof, neighboring properties, and parked cars.