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Colad PCLS Starter Kit

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  • A unique system
  • Eliminates the risk of any contamination
  • Available in 130 Micron (Blue) and 280 Micron (Red)

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Colad PCLS Starter Kit
Colad PCLS Starter Kit is a disposable cup system which is the perfect solution for applying paints. This system is a complete line of disposable cups which is a unique system that can be adapted to all gravity spray guns. There is a full line of adapters that allow the cups to work with all the DeVilbiss, Binks and other manufacturers’ spray guns.

Features of Colad PCLS Starter Kit
Using this Colad PCLS Starter Kit system eliminates both the need to strain the paint and the cup-cleaning process. PCLS is suitable for all kinds of paints and is the solution for the perfect conservation of unused paint. A complete concept that takes away the risk of any contamination of paint and reduces the cost of the paint preparation process.

This kit includes 96 PCLS lids with strainers, 10 plugs, 96 disposable mixing cups and 10 lids for storage.