DeVilbiss PRi Pro Lite Gravity Spray Gun

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  • Large spray pattern and even material distribution.
  • Suitable for all types of primers, surfacers, fillers and polyesters
  • Balanced air valve design for lighter trigger pull and improved air flow


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The Devilbiss PRi Pro Lite is a mid sized compliant gravity feed Spray Gun specifically designed for the application of modern primers, surfacers and fillers.

Gun Features

The gun is easy to clean and maintain with most of the service parts shared with the existing GTI Pro Lite range of guns. The Devilbiss PRi Pro Lite gun is constructed of the very highest grade alloys and stainless steels to ensure smooth operation as well as high impact resistant. Also this gun has an air adjuster valve on the spray gun handle which allows instant pressure control. The paint cup includes integral filter and drip-check lid.


Additional information

Additional information

Technical Specification
Gravity Cup Capacity560ml
Air Inlet ConnectionUniversal ¼” BSP, ¼” NPS Male
Weight (Gun Only)446g
Gun Body MaterialAnodised Aluminium
Air CapPR10
Air Consumption300 L/min (11scfm)


Parts List



Parts List

Parts List (click to go to part)

DeVilbiss Air Cap PRIPRO-102-PR10-K£100.00
DeVilbiss Air Flow Valve PRO-407-K£68.40
DeVilbiss Air Valve Kit PRO-471£68.40
DeVilbiss Colour ID Ring Kit SN-26-K4£1.50
DeVilbiss Drip Check Lid - GFC-2-K5£4.00
DeVilbiss Filters KGP-5-K5£8.50
DeVilbiss Fluid Needle PRIPRO-320-K£25.00
Devilbiss Fluid Nozzles/Tips PRIPRO-220 - Size: 1.4mm - Code: PRIPRO-220-14-K£105.00
Devilbiss Fluid Nozzles/Tips PRIPRO-220 - Size: 1.6mm - Code: PRIPRO-220-16-K£105.00
Devilbiss Fluid Nozzles/Tips PRIPRO-220 - Size: 1.8mm - Code: PRIPRO-220-18-K£105.00
Devilbiss Fluid Nozzles/Tips PRIPRO-220 - Size: 2.0mm - Code: PRIPRO-220-20-K£105.00
Devilbiss Fluid Nozzles/Tips PRIPRO-220 - Size: 2.5mm - Code: PRIPRO-220-25-K£105.00
DeVilbiss Gravity Cup Kits - Aluminium£95.00
DeVilbiss Gravity Cup Kits - Black£43.00
DeVilbiss Gravity Cup Kits - White£26.15
DeVilbiss Lid Assembly GFC-402£3.65
DeVilbiss Packing Spring and Nut Kit SN-404-K£13.65
DeVilbiss Seal and Pin Kit GTI-428-K5£17.00
DeVilbiss Sprayhead and Seal Kit SN-69-K£53.00
DeVilbiss Spring Clip - JGA-156-K5£16.00