Electac Portable Welding Fume Extractor – MT900 Series

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• Built in Spark Arrester

• Replaceable Filter

• Several nozzles available including fantails and MIG gun attachments

• Built in filter life indicator

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Manufacturer: Electac
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The Electac Fume Extractor MT900NI uses two motor/fan units for increased suction and performance. It can be used with nozzles with magnets or, because it uses bypass motors, it is ideal for MIG torch extractors such as Binzel RAB range or Starpart’s SF range.

The well proven filtration system uses a course filter/spark trap to capture sparks and heavy particles. The main disposable filter cartridge captures the fine particulate. Apart from the standard cartridge (FES), a high efficiency cartridge (99.996% efficient – FEH) and a standard cartridge that incorporates active carbon elements for gases and ozone (FEC).

A major cause of premature failure in portable filter units is that they run too hot due to not enough air passing through the motors, particularly when they are used with MIG extractor torches or collection from grinding operations. To prevent this happening, Electac use bypass motors, which take a separate supply of air to cool the motors from that passing through the filter system.

Available in 240V 1 phase 50/60 hz or 115V 1 phase 50/60 hz

Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions 890 x 255 x 410mm
Weight 25kg
Motor 2 x 1100 watts
(with standard hose length) 390m³/h @ 400mm WG
Hose 2 x 3.75m x 45mm Ø