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Graco Classic 390 PC Cordless Paint Sprayer

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  • Power and freedom
  • Spray every job faster
  • Lightweight and portable


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Graco Classic 390 PC Cordless Paint Sprayer
Graco Classic 390 PC Cordless Paint Sprayer is a solid workhorse which is built for professionals just ‘starting out’ and needing ultimate portability. It is designed to deliver all the performance and features of the corded version but gives you the freedom from power cords, electrical outlets or generators. This paint sprayer is the first high-performance cordless paint sprayer with up to 227 bars and a 0.021-inch max tip this sprayer will spray up to 11.5 litres on a single battery charge and comes with two batteries included.

Features and Benefits of Graco Classic 390 PC Cordless Paint Sprayer
Graco Classic 390 PC Cordless Paint Sprayers can be set up anywhere you desire rather than having to be where the power is located and wasting time with long extension cords and you will get consistent all-day spraying without power fluctuations. Being lightweight the sprayer is easier to move and transport and is also a quiet machine powered by batteries rather than generators.

This sprayer has an easy-out pump filter which means easy maintenance and less clogging and the exclusive inside-out filtering process ensures a quality finish. The thick chrome rugged steel frame withstands job site abuse and the hardened steel gears provide extremely quiet operation. The ProConnect one-part replacement system eliminates costly downtime and ensures fast and easy pump swaps in minutes.

Graco Classic 390 PC Cordless Paint Sprayer comes with:
– FTX-E 4-Finger Gun
– Filter (Gun Manifold)
– RAC X LP 517 Spray Tip
– RAC X Guard
– BlueMax II Hose 1/4 in. x 15m
– 2 x DEWALT Batteries
– DEWALT Fan-Cooled Fast Charger

Additional information

Additional information

Battery Voltage54V
Tip SizeMax. 0.021 in
Working PressureMax. 227 bar
Motor TypeBrushless DC
Pump Rod TypeChromex