Graco Perform AA 5000 Air-Assisted Airless Spray Gun

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  • G40 replacement
  • Lightest gun on the market
  • Gun comes with an AXM tip


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Graco Perform AA 5000 Air-Assisted Airless Spray Gun
Graco Perform AA 5000 Air-Assisted Airless Spray Gun is a direct replacement for the old Graco G40 Air-Assisted Airless Spray Gun. However, as a new model, the Perform AA offers the very latest in spray gun technology. The Perform AA is designed with “operator comfort in mind” with the comfortable finger rest, optimized balance, and trigger pull all of this while being the “lowest weight gun on the market”. This gun also has superior transfer efficiency by atomizing at low air pressures.

Features of Graco Perform AA Spray Gun
Graco Perform AA Spray Gun has cartridge-style components which make maintenance quick and easy with minimal downtime. Both the air and fluid cartridges can be removed and replaced as one piece and all components are very durable to reduce maintenance costs. Another great feature of this gun is Graco’s simple approach to air caps with the selection including general finishing, high viscosity, and waterborne making the user’s decision a lot more simple.

What tips does this gun use?
The Perform AA uses a couple of tip types. Below explains the 2 main tips for it.
AXM Tip:- AXM standard, single-orifice tips maintain consistent atomization at low, medium and high pressures.
AXF Tip:- AXF fine finish tips are recommended for high finish quality at low and medium pressures. Their pre-orifice assists in atomizing shear-thinning material.

Additional information

Additional information

Maximum working fluid pressure 345 bar (5000 psi)
Maximum working air pressure 7 Bar (100 psi)
Maximum fluid temperature 43°C
Weight (with aircap and tip) 490 grams
Air Inlet Size 1/4″
Feed Type Pressure Feed
Spray Tip AXM or AXF


Air Cap Table

Tip Type Colour Description
General Finishing (GF) PTFE Nickle Atomizes tails at lower pressures
High Visosity (HV) Blue/Grey Build wet film with high solids materials
Waterbourne (WB) Blue Break up the fluid stream for even wet film build with waterbourne materials