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Jotun Pilot QD Primer

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  • Fast Drying
  • High Solids
  • Easy to Use

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Jotun Pilot QD Primer
Jotun Pilot QD Primer is a single pack, fast drying primer. It is quick and easy to apply with good adhesion properties to properly prepared steel.

Who’s Jotun Pilot QD Primer for
Jotun Pilot QD Primer can be brush, roller or spray applied directly to properly prepared steel or aluminium. It is suitable for a wide range of industrial and marine applications and is suitable for use with all Jotun single pack topcoats.

Pros & Cons of Jotun Pilot QD Primer
Jotun Pilot QD Primer is a fast-drying primer which forms a hard dry film in only 1.5 hours, this cuts down time between coats and allows you to move primered parts quickly. Also being a single pack product mean it can be used straight out the tin, however it won’t be a durable as its two pack counterparts.

Costs of Jotun Pilot QD Primer
Jotun Pilot QD Primer would normally cost between £5 and £7 per litre. There are 2 main factors that affect the costs of this product. Firstly, the colour chosen, Secondly, the quantity purchased, with larger quantities i.e., 20 litre tins against 5 litre tins, the cost per litre goes down.

Additional information

Additional information

Dry Film Thickness40-125 µm
Wet Film Thickness70-220 µm
Theoretical Spreading Rate14-4.5 M²/L
Surface (touch) Dry @ 23ºC15 Minutes
Walk-On-Dry @ 23ºC1.5 Hours
Dry to Over-Coat @ 23ºCMin 1.5 Hours

This information is given to the best of Jotun’s knowledge based on lab testing and experience