Mirka Abralon Sanding Discs

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• Suitable for patterned and angled surfaces
• Can be used for both wet or dry sanding
• 150mm Diameter
• Packs of 20

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Mirka Abralon Sanding Discs
Mirka Abralon Sanding Discs are unique, multifunctional sanding materials developed for tackling both smooth and profiled surfaces. Its patented, flexible construction allows it to create a smooth sanding pattern on angled surfaces and edges while minimising the risk of pressure marks. The flexible weave also allows water and air to pass freely, making it suitable for both dry and wet sanding, by machine or by hand.

 Where to use Mirka Abralon Sanding Discs
Mirka Abralon Sanding Discs are used for conditioning a surface either as a pre-treatment prior to painting and lacquering, for removing oxides, or for giving a visually attractive surface structure. Abralon Sanding Discs are mainly used with wet sanding, but can also be used as dry in coarser grits. They are suitable for use on most materials including aluminium, hardwood, paint sanding, plastics and stainless steel.

Additional information

Additional information

BondingSpecial resin
GrainSilicon carbide
CoatingSpecial ABRALON® method
Grit range180, 360, 500, 600, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000
BackingKnitted fabric on foam