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Mirka Abranet Ace Sanding Discs

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Mirka Abranet Ace Sanding Discs
Mirka Abranet Ace Sanding Discs are a premium net product with a ceramic grain which while reducing costs will increase production and speed for tougher, more demanding sanding applications in a variety of industrial sectors. The improved robust grain prolongs life and ensures fewer sanding defects and less grain breakage while the tougher nylon backing and heavier velour provide better disc grip adhesion and enhanced edge wear, making these sanding discs more effective and longer lasting. Mirka Abranet Ace Sanding Discs also have a highly visible reverse side print pattern making them more user-friendly.

Where to use Mirka Abranet Ace Sanding Discs
Mirka Abranet Ace Sanding Discs are developed for tougher and more demanding sanding applications and with their optimised net construction and ceramic grains, these sanding discs offer superior cut and performance for hardwoods (such as beech and oak) and fast cutting on various solid surface materials as well as for cleaning of different industrial rollers. Mirka Abranet Ace Sanding Discs also work excellent on primer sanding applications, creating an optimal performance and lifetime.

Available in 125mm and 150mm.

Additional information

Additional information

Bonding:Resin over Resin
Backing:PA net / PES net
Colour:Light Maroon
Grit range:P80-P1000