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MOSA TS300 KSX/EL Welder

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  • Professional machine
  • Kohler KD 477-2 diesel engine
  • Electronic control of the welding current


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MOSA TS300 KSX/EL Welder
MOSA TS300 KSX/EL Welder covers the general-purpose range of welding requirements from 200amps up to 400amps DC welding current. In common with all MOSA welder/generators, the TS series provide abundant single and three-phase auxiliary AC power up to 20,000 watts (16kva) for the operation of any type of electrical equipment such as power tools, mains-powered welding & cutting machines, lights etc.

MOSA TS300 KSX/EL Welder
MOSA TS300 KSX/EL Welder is a professional machine with electronic control of the welding current and is capable of delivering up to 300 A with a duty cycle of 60%. Equipped with a Kohler KD 477-2 diesel engine and an asynchronous alternator, it can be used simultaneously as a welder and as a three-phase and single-phase electrical generator up to 10 kVA. Electronic welding current control is standard on all models with the suffix “EL”. This not only makes it easier to weld with electronic variable amperage control but also permits the use of AC auxiliary power whilst welding. All “EL” models have the facility to connect a 20-metre remote welding control and also feature Arc Force Control (“Electrode Dig Force”).

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Additional information

Power Output20-300A DC Welding Output
Electrical Aux. OutputAC 110/240/415V/10KVA
Duty Cycle300A @ 60%
Engine TypeKohler KD477-2 Diesel
Fuel Consumption2.5L/hr (23L Capacity)
Electrode Range2 – 6.0mm Inc Cellulosic
Dimensions1320 x 780 x 780mm