Oxford Cutmaker 700 Plasma Cutters

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  • Superior cut quality
  • Cuts a range of different metals
  • Thermal heating and gouging functions

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Manufacturer: Oxford
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The Oxford Cutmaker Plasma Range Cutters are versatile machines that offer the very best cutting performance and incorporate thermal heating and thermal gouging functions. Unlike most plasma products these machines are not inverter-based; the unique transformer and rectifier and PWM design gives unbeatable performance and guarantees a rugged machine that will last for years in even the hardest conditions.

The superior cut quality of this machine means straight clean cuts great to weld without dressing and with the minimal heat-affected zone. Also, the thermal heating function applies heat only, which is ideal for replacing gas bottles to remove nuts and bearings etc. and the thermal gouging function is perfect for removing welds, brackets and fastenings etc. It has infinitely variable power so you can always set the output to the optimum for the material and the generator friendly design guarantees no damage even if the generator is unstable. This Plasma cutter can cut a wide range of different metals such as steel, stainless steel, hardox, boron steel, aluminium and alloys, copper, brass, painted metals, rusty metals and mesh etc. and is built to comply with BS EN60974-1, BS EN60974-10, RoHS Directive, WEEE Directive and CE Marked.



Additional information

Additional information

Input Power 400/415V 3 – 16A
Duty Cycle 40% @ Full Power
Recommend Generator Power 11KVA
Max Severance Cut Capacity 36mm Steel
Air Pressure and Flow Rate 70 psi 3.5CFM
Dimensions 350 x 550 x 570
Weight 59kg