Sayerlack SU0700 Cellulose Clear Basecoat

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  • Quick drying
  • Has high surface hardness
  • Universal in application uses

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Sayerlack SU0700
Sayerlack SU0700 is a general purpose, nitrocellulose basecoat which ensures good sandability. It also has a high surface hardness and high solids contents which means it is particularly universal in application uses.

Who is Sayerlack SU0700 for?
Sayerlack SU0700 is suitable for hardwoods and softwoods exposed to the indoor environment such as furniture and cabinets and thanks to its thixotropy it is suitable for vertical application.

Additional information

Additional information

Touch Dry (100g/m² @ 20°C) 30 Minutes
Through Dry (100g/m² @ 20°C) 90 Minutes

The data supplied is to the best knowledge and experience of Sayerlack. Responsibility of the final result of the product application is fully up to the users who shall make sure that the product corresponds to their own needs with regard to application system, substrates used and working conditions.