Sayerlack TU0055 Clear Acrylic Basecoat

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• High build
• Easy sanding
• Protect the wood from natural yellowing

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Manufacturer: Sayerlack
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TU55 is a clear, two pack, acrylic basecoat which does not change colour when exposed to sunlight, protecting the wood from natural yellowing. This makes it the ideal basecoat for pale timbers such as ash, maple, oak and birch. TU55 is also indispensable for coating surfaces bleached with hydrogen peroxide (or other chemical bleaching agents).

Surface Preparation
Thorough sanding and cleaning. If necessary stain with XM7100 or XM8000 series solvent-based stains. Bleached timbers can be used.

Typical Paint System
First coat of TU55 and then TZ70, TL0339 or TZ93.

Additional information

Additional information

Hardener TH790
Mix 10%
Thinners DT1150
Volume Solids 35%
Spreading Rate 7m²/litre
Surface Dry 20 minutes at 23°C