Sayerlack XA0469 End Grain Sealer

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• Ease of application
• Ready to use
• Increases longevity of all manner of joinery construction
• 1 Litre

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Manufacturer: Sayerlack
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XA469 is a single component brush applied acrylic sealer applicable directly onto the end grain of articles intended for exterior use. It can be over- painted with water-based products. It features excellent water resistance and UV filtering ensuring maximum performance for the coating system used. XA469 can be pigmented according to the colour tone required using Sayerlack water-based pastes, using either the XA4034 range for transparent shades, or with the XA2006 range for opaque colours.

Surface Preparation
For best results we recommend using the product on previously primed substrates. It can also be used after the application of intermediate or base coats.